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Welcome to 2030. You’ll own nothing, have no privacy and you’ll be happy.
For the past two years, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we have been told that our old way of life is dead and gone. There can be no return to how things were before. Instead we must embrace a “new normal” in which every aspect of our lives is transformed – the way we live, eat and work, and the way we are governed, not just by the state, but also by corporations. This is the Great Reset. And the foundation of this plan is a revolution in food.

In this groundbreaking book, RAW EGG NATIONALIST lays out the globalist plan for food in detail, for the first time. Using the globalists’ own published materials, he reveals the preparations for a new worldwide diet – “The Planetary Health Diet” – that will be almost entirely plant-based. By eliminating animal agriculture, and placing total reliance on genetically modified crops and new alternative forms of protein, the globalists will tighten corporate control of the food supply – and of us. In a startling comparison with the effects of the Neolithic revolution in agriculture – which he calls “the original Great Reset” – RAW EGG NATIONALIST reveals just how much we have to lose if the globalists should succeed.

But this book is no council of despair. RAW EGG NATIONALIST proposes his own alternative vision of fundamental change. Taking his inspiration from Russian household gardening and the new movement for regenerative agriculture, he argues that the future of food, and the key to human flourishing, is actually the past. Instead of allowing ourselves to be alienated yet further from the natural world, we must return to it and to the foods and ways of producing them that made our ancestors strong.

The Eggs Benedict Option is a manifesto for all those seeking to live a sovereign existence in an age of growing darkness. By building our individual health and fitness, and supporting politicians who put the nation and its people first, we can defeat the globalists and regain our true humanity.

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